Philip Brown: Graffiti Promoting Pedophilia is Art or Something

From GreenvilleOnline:

Police have charged a Greenville man with spray-painting obscene graffiti on several downtown buildings.

The reason the suspect gave for his alleged acts: to “make people feel disturbed and moved in a way that is rarely experienced,” according to a warrant.

Phillip Alexander Brown, 20, of 32 Battery Blvd., faces charges of malicious injuries to a tree or house and molesting or disturbing persons, according to warrants.


The city of Greenville also removed graffiti from the base of a lamp post at 200 S. Main St., and from buildings at 130 S. Main St., 36 S. Main St. and 22 McBee Ave., according to the incident report.

Police estimated the total damage at $800.

What reporter Nathaniel Cary doesn’t tell you is that the “moving” experience Brown was referring to was spray painting “GIMP” several places along with the message “I (expletive) Children” on a building. That last message was accompanied by a sketch of a penis.

Gimp, by the way, is a sexualized term which refers to male submissives who wear full body leather or rubber suits including full face masks. Given his more extreme statement I think it’s safe to assume Brown was using the term in this sense.

Which means that his whole guerrilla artist excuse is probably a load of crap. This cretin was likely high and went around painting these things which were no doubt the visual equivalent of a Freudian slip and worse he was in the company of teens when he did so. This guy will be featured in crime blogs again, next time in a gimp suit after being busted for a laptop full of child porn.


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