Platinum Plus Stripper Advertising “V.I.P.” Dances in Escort Section of Backpage

Let me start out by stating two things:

1) I don’t have anything against strip clubs or adult entertainment. Were it not for the exploitative nature of prostitution (taking advantage of drug addicts and sex slaves) I wouldn’t care about hooking either.

2) Having lived a full life I will point out that as sleazy as strip bars are they are actually less sleazy than most bars. Ladies, most strippers aren’t looking to hook up with your man, can you say the same about the skanks getting drunk in some dive?

Anyway, strip clubs are like any other club – lots of drug users work there. With the sex industry there’s extra pressure to make money while a girl is still unhaggard – before she ends up in the bush leagues so to speak. So there is prostitution in clubs that have “V.I.P. rooms” or what are called “lap dance parlors” which don’t serve alcohol. But I’ve never seen such a blatant advertisement for illegal acts as this:

Coming to your number one gentlemens club, Platinum Plus. Day shift and night. I have the best customer service! Available for V.I.P dances. Come see how I work the pole. Only here for a week, don’t miss out.

For those of you that can’t break the code I’m pretty sure this is an offer to work your pole. The tip off might be the fact that this ad appears in the escort section and not the stripper section, which they have. There is a rumor the girl is being trafficked but I assume that’s because she claims to be passing through for a week which is the MO of biker gangs running a sex slave ring. So if you see her make sure she’s OK:

A few years ago a Platinum Plus made the girls fork over their first $70 a night for the honor of dancing there so this might just be good advertising. I’m not sure how much girls pay now.


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