Police Find Stolen A.T.M. in Abandoned Pick-Up Truck

Bad enough that they’re thieves, but littering too? Throw the book at them!

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Greenville police said that an automatic teller machine that was ripped from the ground at a bank in January was found in the back of a truck on Wednesday morning.

Police said that the truck was found parked in a wooded area off Verdae Boulevard just before noon.

Investigators said that the ATM appears to belong to a Wachovia Bank on Woodruff Road that was hit on Jan. 18.

How was this crime scene found you ask? Well according to WYFF it’s a funny story…

Brian Jenkins said he was taking a short when a deer darted in front of his car on Hilton Street.

Jenkins said, “It was a big deer. I hunt, so I stopped and said, ‘I’m going to see where this deer is.’”

Jenkins followed the deer about 80 yards into the woods.

“There were deer bones. It was crazy. Then I could see the back of a truck,” he said.

Jenkins said he hollered for his brother-in-the law and together they approached the truck.

Yeah. Sounds reasonable.


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