Police Investigating Copper Thefts from Greenville School Construction Site

Copper theft has always been a good fall back for erstwhile thieves with a little contracting knowledge and connections to offload obviously hot material. Mostly it’s from sites that aren’t particularly secure (abandoned houses for example) but in this instance the thieves hit an active site which is riskier. Of course the $5000 haul may have made it seem like the risk was worth it:

Greenville Police are investigating the theft of tools and copper pipes from a construction site at A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School on Antioch Church Rd.

They say the thieves broke into several rooms.

The foreman for the construction company says the copper plumbing was either cut or broken from the interior walls in almost every room that had the plumbing.

They estimate the value of the plumbing to be $5000.

Copper is in high demand not just here but on the international market. About 80% of recycled copper goes to China or India where their booming economies have created a demand for new construction for the growing middle class. Here’s a good article on copper scrapping from a year ago or so that explains why this is going to continue to be a big business.


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