Police Investigating Missing Money from Local Veterans Organization

From WSPA:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Monday, Sue Ann Sims called police about possible missing funds from the South Carolina Association of Veterans Administrators. Sims is the current treasurer for the non-profit organization.

Sims told police that a treasurer in the SCAVA serves a two year term, and at the end of the term is audited by a board meeting. The treasurer also keeps the non-profit’s ledgers, and turns them in once their term is complete.

According to the police report, Sims said after the audit, the previous treasurer did not return the SCAVA’s ledgers, despite several calls by Sims to get them. She says each time she called, the previous treasurer refused to turn over the ledgers and even asked that SCAVA members stop calling her.

Sims told police SCAVA bank statements showed the previous treasurer wrote six checks to herself totaling $1725. Sims claims the checks were written and cashed after the previous treasurer was out of office, and that the account’s balance in September was slightly more than $50. She says the last balance indicated in the organization’s ledger was more than $16,000. That was back in March.

The SCAVA website still lists Peggy Hogan as the treasurer. Hogan works for the Department of Education in “youth services” and is otherwise a well known minor political figure. This may explain the media’s coyness in identifying her if she is the treasurer in question.

If Hogan is the treasurer in question it wouldn’t be a surprise that she stole from veterans, the drones in the Dept. of Ed. have been robbing South Carolina’s kids for years.


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