Police Nab Counterfeit Sellers at White Horse Flea Market

The White Horse Flea Market may not be the best place to pick up authentic name brand items on the cheap.  Who knew?  In other shocking news, rain is wet and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Authorities busted five men after discovering $44, 600 of counterfeit goods for sale at the White Horse Rd. marketplace.  GreenvilleOnline.com reports:

The items included DVDs, sunglasses and pirated apparel involving labels such as Coach, Nike, Timberland, Gucci, Phat Farm, Louis Vitton and Major League Baseball, Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Armstrong said.

The bust resulted from firms hired by companies to investigate counterfeit goods, who in turn report the activity to local law enforcement agencies, Armstrong said.

Hmm.  And I thought the White Horse was mostly stall after stall of over-the-counter cold medicine, gently used kitchenware, and the contents of some guy’s attic.  All this time I could have stopped by for a genuine Coache bag, Timbaland boots, and Goochi sunglasses.

The following men were arrested:

  • Terry M. Mull, 48, of 133 Robinson Road in Taylors
  • Cornelius S. Lyles, 30, of 722 North Vernon Street in Spartanburg
  • Kip S. Hughes, 31, of 132 21st Street in Easley
  • Norman T. Gibson, 45, of 4 Lindberg Ave. in Greenville
  • Carl E. Ross, 40, of 211 Cranberry Drive in Mauldin.

Counterfeiting is sometimes linked to organized crime.  Whether this was an isolated operation at the White Horse Flea Market or part of a larger criminal enterprise remains to be seen.

Oh, and just letting the folks at The Greenville News know: it’s Louis Vuitton, not Louis Vitton. Just sayin’.


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