Police Rule Justin Dillard Killing was Self-Defense

You might remember this one as the case where police had a near riot on their hands in the aftermath of a shooting. Now investigators say the shooter, one Rusty Jones, acted within the bounds of the law. Dillard pulled a gun on Jones so when Jones shot him down it was self-defense.

From Fox Carolina:

GREER, S.C. — Police ruled Friday that the fatal shooting of a man last month that riled a Greer neighborhood was self-defense.

Greer police said that the victim, Justin Dillard, walked into a Victor Court apartment about 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 10. They said that Dillard and a friend began talking to Rusty Jones.

Police said that after a few minutes of talking with Jones, Dillard pulled out a gun, pointed it at Jones and said that he was going to shoot Jones in the head. They said that Jones then pulled out his gun and shot Dillard.

Dillard was shot four times and died in the front yard of the apartment, police said.

Jones fled the scene, police said.

After the shooting, crowds assembled at the scene, causing what some described as a mob. Extra officers were called in to help control the crowd.

Jones turned himself in to police five days later.

Two things strike me about this report. One is that Rusty Jones is a helluva quick draw and some of you pistoleros out there might do well to think on that before drawing down on someone. Jones drew his gun and shot the Dillard four times after Dillard already had a gun out pointed at Jones. Impressive.

The second is that Jones fled the scene. Jones is being held on unrelated charges so Jones is, we can assume, not a traditional victim but a fellow criminal of some type. But even criminals have a right to defend themselves. But if it was self-defense why flee the scene? Are the other charges hanging over him that bad?

Why Dillard wanted to shoot Jones is still unclear.


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