Pricilla Ristick Update: Girl Found in Las Vegas

This case has had some strange twists and turns but my humble opinion is that Pricilla was “groomed” by some pervert and ran off with the person. Ristick and her mother were originally from Las Vegas and had only been in Georgia two weeks before the abduction. As you may have heard, she was abducted while selling flowers by a mall with her uncle, Joey Thompson. When Thompson stepped away for a minute Pricilla was seen on tape running toward a white van and getting in.

She called to tell her family she was with a woman named “Nancy” who the family knew of but never met. It is reported “Nancy” had been giving the 12-year-old gifts, which is typical grooming behavior for pedophiles.

The the story got stranger:

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A 12-year-old girl who disappeared while visiting relatives was found in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The girl, Pricella Ristick, was in Gwinnett County visiting relatives with her mother for a month. Ristick was at a Li’l Caesar’s pizza shop in Lilburn with her uncle when she disappeared outside the shopping center Sunday.

Ristick’s mother, Julia, told Channel 2’s Manuel Bojorquez she received a phone call from the girl a few hours after her disappearance. She said her daughter indicated that she was trapped.

“She told me, ‘Mom, I can’t get away,’” she recalled, as her eyes watered.

Ristick told her uncle, Joey Thompson, the same thing in a phone call from a blocked number on Wednesday, Gwinnett police Cpl. Edwin Ritter said in a news release. Ristick said she was in a building with many people, and they wouldn’t let her leave, Ritter said.

When Ristick called her uncle again, investigators took the phone, and she had a different story.

“She never indicated that she was in any sort of fear or danger and claimed she was fine,” Ritter said.

Ristick claimed she was at a Kroger in Atlanta, but investigators traced her phone to an intersection in Las Vegas, Ritter said. Las Vegas police then picked her up, and she was taken to Child Services. She said she caught a bus and had been there for one or two days.

Ristick’s family said there are still questions to be answered. They don’t understand how the girl reached Las Vegas because she left with $20 in her pocket.

“She’s not that smart, intelligent. Don’t have that kind of money to get all the way to Vegas,” uncle Leo Ristick said.

Leo Ristick also said he thinks someone else was with the girl when she called from Las Vegas. When she disappeared, some family members said she may have been with a woman she recently met, known only as Nancy. Leo Ristick said he asked to speak to Nancy.

“She says, ‘My uncle wants to talk to you.’ I could hear her whisper ‘No,’ and stuff like that,” Leo Ristick said.

Police said they are still sorting out the facts.

Judging by the fact that the uncle that had her selling flowers by a strip mall instead of studying and going to school told reporters he thought she was dumb the facts are probably that this girl has a douchebag family and was thus easy pickings for some pervert who took her on a getaway to a town where people mind their business. I am betting “Nancy” has convinced the girl they are in a relationship, which was why Pricilla ran off with her in the first place.

She’s safe now, and hopefully an investigation will lead to some arrests. I think an investigation of her family is probably also in order.


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