Priorities! McDonald’s Worker Makes National Crime News – Methhead Child Abusers Don’t

All last week the national news carried a story about a fast food worker spitting in someone’s food. As disgusting as this is it overshadowed more important stories.

For example while everyone was enthralled with this spitting incident 27-year-old Joseph Pfieffer Jr. and his drug whore Ann Barry (who is just 18) where found cooking meth with two three-year-olds in the house. This story has not made the national news.

Why? Have society become so numb to drug crime that we care more about someone getting their food spit in than two toddlers having to be decontaminated after a drug addict in his late 20s, who is “dating” a girl barely out of high school, exposes them to potentially fatal fumes?

Liberals and Libertarians tend to ignore such stories because it flies in the face of their belief that legalizing drugs makes drug users harmless. So I get why horrible stories like the Pfieffer and Barry meth house are buried. But to pass that up for a spitting in the food story is just an outrageous display of how childish our priorities as a nation have become. We are so self-absorbed and egocentric that we worry more about whether or not someone might spit in out food in restaurants we can avoid (I don’t eat at McDonald’s myself) than we are by children being abused by their strung out parents.

Of course, stories about fast food joints just make us feel superior to fast food workers and people who eat fast food. Stories about addicts make us look at our own habits or political views and what we as a nation make our priorities, so it’s easier to ignore them.


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