Rabid Cow Attacks Georgia Farmer!

A farmer got off lucky with some busted ribs and a barb wire rash on his head when one of his cows contracted rabies and tore into him like a … well, a rabid cow. I’m posting this story here for three reasons. 1) Georgia is close enough to us that large scale rabies outbreaks are noteworthy. 2) This cow took three 12ga blasts without going down – so remember that if you’re ever attacked by one. 3) Because it was MLK weekend the authorities wouldn’t send a vet out to check the cow even though it could have possibly infected someone. Allowing a man who might be infected with a 100% fatal infection to stew in his own infected juices because you’re on vacation does not sound like The Dream to me.

Via Fox Carolina:


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  1. Loup on February 16th, 2012 12:25 pm

    It’s going to be a long hot Summer…… Guns at the ready Boys!

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