Robert Michael Cornwell is Lucky to be Alive

Robert Cornwell Stabs Cop in Cleavland Park

I was going to title this post “Hipster Douchebag Gets Stabby with Police” but Cornwell’s history of criminality and his attempt to murder one of Greenville’s finest is no laughing matter. I think Coffee Underground is responsible for this in some way but I’m still waiting for sources to confirm:

From Greenville’s Courts Examiner, who makes money on that website plagiarizing news articles without attribution. After reading this you may want to report him:

REENVILLE, S.C. – An on-duty Greenville County police officer is out of the hospital and recovering after being stabbed in Cleveland Park late Monday night.

According to a spokesman, the officer was responding to a suspicious vehicle in the park.

One of the suspects, Robert Michael Cornwell, ran when the officer approached the vehicle.

The officer caught up with Cornwell, 22, and used his Taser on the man. When the officer tried to make an arrest, Cornwell pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer in the leg and upper thigh.

Several backup officers arrived on the scene and Cornwell was arrested. It is believed he ran because he had fugitive warrants for burglary.

The injured officer was treated at the hospital and released.

Cornwell is being charged with attempted murder.

Another privileged 20-something running amok in our streets. If you know the officer let him know we all thank him for his service, and his restraint in not busting a cap in Cornwell’s face. I would have killed some skinny leg jean wearing sissy who stabbed me but this Greenville cop took his oath to protect and serve seriously. This is what honor looks like.


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  1. Jonathan on August 11th, 2010 12:55 am

    hey retard who the hell judges people when u don’t know the person and u weren’t even there SHUT UP u seem like u have no life get out and get laid douchebag

  2. Rob Taylor on August 11th, 2010 4:08 am

    Your spoiled rich, hipster frined stabs a cop in the leg but I’m retarded. Good call.

    Since I’m married I have no problem getting laid, it is interesting to me that you’re thinking about my sex life. I’m off the market though.

    Why should I ‘SHUT UP” anyway? Should people not have an opinion of thieves who try to kill cops when they get caught? Should we simply bleat like sheep while sipping coffee from Coffee Underground like you and your friends?

    I have a better idea. Make me shut up. You and your friends are tough guys, I’m listed. Maybe you can pull your van up and pull a home invasion on my house like you’re escalating to anyway, due to drug use. Maybe after trying to stab me you’ll see why your scumbag friend is lucky to be alive.

  3. stkq on August 12th, 2010 10:02 am

    I can put Jonathan’s insensibility down to youth and over-excitement, but you Rob, you’re supposed to act like an adult.

    Adults do not play the internet-tough-guy game.

    Adults do not address online comments about their sex lives.

    Adults post content as opposed to posting other peoples’ content with a bitchy addendum.

    You see Rob, I desperately want to be on your side here. Mr. Cornwell was remiss. I won’t even entertain the possibility that he was wrongfully tasered and acted in self defense. I’m fully prepared to agree that he deserves some sort of punishment. But then you let some other dickweed kid piss you off, and by the end of your comment you’re puffing out your chest and letting the world know how easy it is to make you angry.

    For instance, calm people don’t misspell “friend.” Enraged and impotent people with trembling fingers type things like “frined”.

    It’s painfully obvious that you got shaken up by an anonymous poster’s incoherent comment. Your anger is not the righteous, focused, purposeful kind. Your anger is a jittery, nauseous scramble towards something resembling a sentence. Your anger is the kind that is essentially inseparable from fear.

    Man up.

  4. Rob Taylor on August 12th, 2010 10:19 am

    Your right “stkq” adults allow people to do and say whatever they want unchallenged, including making up straw man arguments about what is claimed in a post.

    Also it should be noted that because I didn’t bother proof reading a response to someone on one blog I run doesn’t mean I’m not calm, just not interested.

    As an aside concern trolling is doesn’t make you seem calm.

    Cromwell wasn’t “remiss” – he was engaged in a string of burglaries (for which he had warrants out) and then rather than do what many people do when caught with warrants he not only resisted but tried to kill a cop.

    As for my “trembling” and anger and impotence blah. You confuse anger with disgusted and fear with pride. I get a lot of threats, hundreds sine 2004 when I first began blogging. My response to anyone is this. I’m the only blogger that uses hi real name and is listed. I live in Mauldin, my promotional Facebook page has my photo so you can see what I look like and I’ll be at the Dollar General by the Mauldin high school around 12:30 or so.

    No one gives a crap what you think of them. You think I’m impotent? I think you’re living on daddy’s dime while shooting up with Cornwell’s friends and flunking out of Furman. So what? But no one is entitled to not be challenged on the things they say. I know many of you were raised to believe that you had the right to make all sorts of claims and insult people and others will take it because you’re “special” or something but you’re not. I’ve seen Johnathan’s comments dozens of times from different people and seen yours just as often.

    The main difference is yours is a bit more hackneyed than most (“…jittery, nauseous scramble toward something resembling a sentence” Really?) but if you want to think you’ve shaken me to the core with the idea that I’ve lost the respect of a person who thinks stabbing cops in the leg during a scuffle is being “remiss” than go ahead.

  5. stkq on August 12th, 2010 11:08 am

    Waiting for yours.

  6. Rob Taylor on August 12th, 2010 12:10 pm

    Waiting for my what?

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  9. preston on February 20th, 2012 1:29 pm

    no one can say anything about robert inless you know the dude. At the time he wasnot breaking into houses, he was working at subway so get your facts straight before you run your mouth on the computer like a pussy. Also robert was trying to inflict harm on himself with the knife, when the cop tazed him he was on the groung being stunned and couldnt let go of the knife. And as the officer tried to restrain him he got cut in the leg.. Only two stitches. Ive known robert for a long time and i know for a fact he wouldnt stab anyone on purpose. So before anyone post anything else about robert being a bad person, at least know what your talking about instead of making yourself sound like an idiot..

  10. Rob Taylor on February 22nd, 2012 3:40 pm

    That’s the most retarded defense I ever heard. He had warrants for his crimes and he did not “accidentally” stab a cop who was chasing him. If he was innocent why was running from cops?

    Why was this innocent man running from cops when all cops did was walk over to a vehicle someone had reported?

    How id he have FUGITIVE warrants for burglary? Was that an accident too?

    He pled guilty to 2nd degree burglary in the summer of 08 according to PUBLIC RECORDS.

    He also pled guilty to grand larceny around the same time. He got suspended sentences for those but was on supervised probation.

    He also pled guilty to 0258-Larceny / Breaking into motor vehicle or tanks, pumps, where fuel, lubricants stored in 2008.

    And finally he pled guilty to 3411-Assault / Assault & Battery of a High & Aggravated Nature which sounds to me like he plead out to get the attempted murder charge reduced.

    Before you start spreading lies about who some douche you get high with is innocent you should ask him if he has a record – since those records are available to the public.

    Oh yeah, he’s also been picked up for drug possession and, more disgustingly, contributing to the delinquency off a minor. I didn’t put that last part in the piece but just to let people know now this pervert was caught getting kids high.

    You were friends with him when this happened so if you cared about him so much where the hell were you when he was making these horrible decisions? Some friend you are.

    Also, you’re a fucking idiot. Why do you think you could lie about matters of public record? Thank the gods he’s going away for a few years to get away from morons like you who encouraged his scumbaggery.

  11. taylor on February 22nd, 2012 10:20 pm

    firt off punk he was not rich second off all u dont know him so do us all a favor and get a life hes a good guy and wouldent hurt anyone but you wouldent know that since ue allways talkin junk behind a screen

  12. Rob Taylor on February 22nd, 2012 11:59 pm

    Actually I just “talked junk” on the phone on the TWSS podcast hosted on the FTR Radio network. You can hear it tomorrow night at 9:00pm.

    But anyway, if he’s such a good guy why did he plead guilty to breaking in to cars, assault etc? Is a person getting children drunk and high a good guy? Doesn’t sound like it to me but perhaps you can explain that.

    And since he pled out on the stabbing isn’t he himself admitting he would in fact hurt someone? Isn’t he admitting he assaulted someone in a “high and aggravated” crime? Oh that’s right, you hipster douches grew up thinking cops and the people you steal from aren’t as important as you so what you do tot he rest of us doesn’t count.

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  14. robert cornwell on September 5th, 2015 3:22 pm

    Guess who’s back. The hipster douche bag haha. Screw that cop he got what he deserved, the judge didn’t even believe most of the crap he spewed out.

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