Rock Hill Christians Might Be a Little Too Forgiving

Rock Hill Churches Let Anyone In

I guess it’s a mitzvah? But this crime story starts out as another pervert using the ministry to find victims scenario:

YORK COUNTY, S.C. – A grand jury has indicted a Rock Hill minister on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and a lewd act.

In August, Reverend Johnny “Bill” Cabe was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, committing a lewd act with a child and illegally practicing medicine for allegedly “examining” and touching a young boy’s genitalia.

At which point people would usually claim they didn’t see this coming. But in this case that’s hard to believe:

Cabe was acquitted of a series of charges that alleged inappropriate behavior with boys in 1993. Another set of charges in 1999 came because boys accused the pastor of performing inappropriate hernia checks on them, but those charges were dropped.

Wow. But they still stood by him. But maybe they believed he was innocent and was really a nice guy:

Cabe was convicted of federal charges of fraud and money laundering around that same time.

Prosecutors said he talked members of his church into giving millions of dollars to a bad investment fund that he called “His Way Ministries.”

Cabe said he he didn’t know the fund was bad.

Yeah … But what could go wrong by giving him a second chance:

He went to federal prison. The alleged abuse in this most recent case began shortly after he got out.

Well … it can’t get worse:

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) – Authorities have charged a Rock Hill pastor for allegedly practicing medicine illegally at his church where he is also accused of fondling a boy.


According to the warrant, Cabe is accused of operating a medical-type clinic in the church to help cure human ailments.  He is also accused of touching a boy’s penis for sexual gratification, the warrant said.

The sheriff report says the parent broke off contact with Cabe, but the allegations didn’t stop there.

“One of the allegations is that Mr. Cabe did continue that contact even though he was directed not to,” said Baker.

The warrant says Cabe gave the boy a phone SIM card without his parents’ knowledge.

So a pastor is accused of sexually assaulting boys in two different cases in the 90s, beats that rap only to end up going to the joint for bilking his parishioners in a investment scam and when he gets out of prison he immediately starts molesting boys whose parents still trust him?

And he was running a scam medical clinic?

I know Christians are supposed to forgive but, c’mon guys. Wise up. Your kids are more important than your church.


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