Rotten Reporting: Alabama Media Covering Up Vicious Hate Crime?

Larry Gaines, pictured above, tried to shoot a 13-year-old girl off a horse with a load of birdshot in a residential neighborhood. He then claimed this was a “hunting accident” even though he was in his front yard, aiming at the street and hit a girl less than 100 feet away who was sitting on a thousand pound animal:

BAY MINETTE, Alabama — Larry James Gaines was charged with reckless endangerment after a 13-year-old girl riding a horse was hit by shotgun pellets, officials said today.

Gaines, 39, told investigators that he was hunting and fired at a squirrel when the girl was hit, according to a statement by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

The teen was taken to North Baldwin Infirmary in Bay Minette for examination to determine if any pellets pierced her skin, the statement said.

The girl was riding between 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Gray Valley Lane in the Broomley community southwest of Bay Minette. She told officers that she heard racking sound of a shotgun being cocked, then a shot and felt the pellets hit her.

Gaines told deputies he fired his gun from his front yard about 100 feet from where the girl was hit.

The title of that spin piece designed to make you think this was a cut and dry accident is Hunter arrested after teen horseback rider injured in Baldwin County. The reporter is a liberal named Guy Busby. Gaines was bonded out for $1,000.

Intrepid investigators and reporters in the area have failed to consider several facts which cast doubt on this “hunting accident” scenario.

1) Squirrel hunting involves shooting the little rodents mostly when they’re in trees. I know that sometimes they’re shot on the ground but in both those scenarios the shooting wouldn’t be on a horizontal plane. In other words Gaines shouldn’t have been able to hit someone on a horse on his street because he should have been trying to hit something that was in a tree or on the ground.

2) I know some people have one gun for everything but it should be suspicious to people when someone says they’re hunting animals the size of a squirrel with a 20ga shotgun – especially around their own house in a residential area. Maybe he’s a bachelor but I’ll tell you as a married man that there’s no chance in hell I’d be blasting away in my front yard with a shotgun while the Mrs. is around. I’d use a .22 but I get it  - lots of people shotgun tree rats. But if you’re by a house next to a road why not be safe and harvest the animals with an “adult” airgun? Hell you can use a rat trap to harvest squirrel – but again I get it. A lot of people like to hunt squirrel with a shotgun.

Most don’t hit kids riding horses though. Which brings me to the most important point …

3) Gaines was close enough to the victim for her to hear him rack a round and he admits to being about 100 feet from her when he shot her. Since the pellets didn’t break her skin we know she was not behind any kind of foliage cover or obstruction since those would have deflected or stopped the pellets altogether. So … what happened?

A hunter 100 feet away from a girl on a horse accidental shot her while aiming for a squirrel because he didn’t see she was in the line of fire? Really? Does hat makes sense to you?

I dare say that if Larry Gaines was a White guy in a confederate flag shirt that shot some kid Guy Busby wouldn’t be bending over backward to make sure no one was suspicious.

The person who sent me this story claims Larry is a bit o a bigot and kind of a weirdo who’s getting “political” in this heated election season. Of course people can say anything. Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs claimed I was a radical creationist who wanted to replace science textbooks with the Bible even though I’m not even a Christian.

I decided to post this because there is, in our area, a rise of politically motivated Black on White crime. I have witnessed a couple of incidents myself. Before people start I’m half-Black and grew up in an all-Black family in an all-Black area so keep your mouths shut White liberals. But it is undeniable that certain groups and politicians are stirring up class and race resentment and this has serious consequences. I recommend the book White Girl Bleed a lot by Colin Flaherty if you want to see how pervasive this problem is becoming and how reporters like Guy Busby enable it.


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  1. Svenghooli on September 23rd, 2012 12:46 am

    STOP saying HARVESTING!!!!! People do NOT harvest live animals (nor do they HUNT them either). You HARVEST wheat and corn….You snipe and ambush live animals…

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