Rotten Reporting: Fox Carolina Discovers Sky is Blue

While investigting drug use and gang activity at a couple of “Oriental” massage parlors Anderson county deputies stumbled onto prostitution. Casey Vaughn of Fox Carolina was just shocked by this and wrote it up with the headline Deputies: Women offer sex, not massages at spa parlors. Because no one knew that massage parlors were bordellos until this story broke.

ANDERSON, SC (FOX Carolina) – Deputies arrested two women in a sting operation at Anderson County spa and massage parlors.

According to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, the operation was conducted by Narcotics Investigators and Gang Task Force officers at two different parlors in Anderson.

The two female employees were arrested on Nov. 3 after they attempted to solicit prostitution for money with undercover officers, according to deputies.

Deputies said they began the investigation after several complaints about illegal activities were occurring at the businesses.

Myoung Hee Tucker, 54, of Atlanta, worked at Bella Spa on Community Park Drive in Anderson. Xiang En Jin, 42, of Flushing, NY, worked at Spring Sauna Spa on Will Pine Road in Anderson. Both were charged with prostitution.

Yeah, call me old fashioned but maybe a couple of vice cops could have just randomly walked in, looked around and had the place shut down. But hey, who am I to deny detectives their dream of going undercover in a massage parlor.

Does anyone else wonder how these bordellos get business licenses in the first place? And why only certain “spas” get shut down? Hmmmm.


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  1. Cm on February 1st, 2014 12:15 pm

    No way, an oriental spa offering more than just massage, unheard of.

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