Rotten Reporting: is Not a Legitimate News Source

Don’t get me wrong, is a great resource but if you are going to run a story about how gas prices are dropping in the area you might want to make sure they don’t then spike up by 10 cents or so the next day. That’s what they did by me today. I kind of knew they would go up for to reasons. 1) Gas prices partially reflect moves in the market that happened a while ago and 2) Gas prices respond to commodities markets. If the intrepid reporters at Fox Carolina are going to get into gas price reporting business they’re going to need to do more than hit a website. Since commodities markets are international you could get up around 2:00am (like I do) and check out the numbers on the financial networks, just as an example.

Anyway, while prices had been dropping they are up again, and will probably move up again, drop, then move up. The days of cheap gas are over so get used to it and don’t let the media tell you being a few cents down here or there is good news.


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  1. loup garou on May 11th, 2011 3:14 pm

    When will the people revolt again? We the people lowered our use of gas last time it hit this price range, but now it seems we are “OK” with 3.69 a gallon…. so what will it take people? 4, 5, 6 dollars a gallon? I’m already planing trips to the store and work to be on the road less. No more running back into town (28mi) to got out to dinner, or pick up something that I can get on the way home tomorrow. And for the record, I would rather piss on an electric fence than drive an electric car….

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