Rotten Reporting: Police Looking for “Several Men” in a Black Car

More crime is being committed by ageless, raceless and maybe even faceless assailants according to WSPA’s crack reporting. We are being warned to keep on the lookout – for people who no description:

Deputies said four men entered the restaurant through the back door with guns, robbed the place, and escaped out the back door.

The second robbery happened at Pasteleria Y Panaderia El Nino on 1127 Cedar Lane Road.

Deputies said one male entered the restaurant while another male stood outside the restaurant on the look out.

Investigators said there was also a black 4-door car that the men got out of that sat in front of the restaurant that had 2 other males inside the black 4-door car.

Then, someone saw the man inside attempting to rob the restaurant so they called 911.

The man standing outside the restaurant took off and left the suspected robber inside.

There is a better description of the car than the robbers! WSPA goes on to report that cops have one robber in custody – so they probably have a description of the others since most thugs roll on their friends within an hour or two. But I guess until that’s released here’s what to look for:


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