Rotten Reporting: Sierra Chaffin and the Charming Naivety of News Reporters

Sierra Chaffin, pictured above, recently made headlines when she assaulted her 74-year-old live in lover after an argument over something she desperately needed to get out of his house the day she was moving out. She also has a long history of drug related arrests, and the old man is a thief awaiting trail for stealing money and exploiting other elderly persons.

While titillated by this story of the 22-year-old who admitted to having a sexual relationship with someone old enough to be her great-grandfather reporters exposed how little they learn in their sheltered colleges because multiple news outlets have write ups that include this little nugget:

The sheriff’s report offered no insight into how Chaffin and Beita became a couple, despite a 52-year age gap, although the pair did confirm that they had a ‘physical relationship’ and were living together.

Well let’s go over this again, Sierra Chaffin is a “hard 22″ as we say meaning she obviously is on drugs and it’s effecting her. That is backed up by HER LONG HISTORY OF DRUG ARRESTS. Her victim, one Marcos Bieta, is a con artist or thief  who was stealing money and then got caught. Now going to trial (and no longer scamming money) Beita’s very young girlfriend moves out and becomes enrages when her thieving elderly ex won’t give her something out the house that no one will describe.

But reporters don’t know what the glue that held this unconventional relationship together was? Really?

Sierra is also apparently a Greenville Dragnet fan since she got my name tattooed on her stomach:

And though very flattered I’m happily married. I do appreciate the support however. But here’s another clue as to what held the two together. Sierra doesn’t have a Marcos tattoo. She does have a two-year-old daughter who I hear is not Marcos’.

But maybe Marcos was very attracted to young, troubled women with drug habits and other dudes names tattooed on their stomachs, Sierra really got turned on by wrinkled genitalia and her drug problems and his ability to procure money by hook or by crook played no part in their “relationship” whatsoever. And maybe she just lost her keys! hat’s why she was so upset.  It’s not like Marcos has a history of stealing valuable things … you know like an eight ball or a sack of Oxys?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was right to beat up an old man. But it’s also not right to make a victim out of a thief who was clearly exploiting a drug addict and more than likely got roughed up after stealing her stash. People always complain that bloggers aren’t reporters but that’s a good thing, because we bloggers don’t live in a rainbow lit fantasy land where women with drug addictions just happen to fall in love with elderly thieves.

Naivety is charming in children and amusing in adults, but it’s sad in the media.


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