Rotten Reporting: The Case of the Raceless Rapists

Three young women were raped by two gun wielding thugs on the Lander University campus. The men are, as of this posting, still on thee loose. Yet some news organizations don’t seem too concerned about helping authorities catch these animals. Here’s a description of the pair from Fox Carolina:

One suspect was described as 6′ tall and 200 pounds. The other was described as 5’10″ tall and 180 pounds. Both were said to be wearing dark, hooded sweatshirts and jeans and carrying black handguns.

Not exactly narrowing that down. Also, handguns cover everything from single action “cowboy” revolvers (like my 10 shot Uberti Stallion in .22 lr) to semi-auto pistols like Glocks to specialty pistols like the Draco which is an AK-47 in pistol version to odd ducks like my Rossi Ranch Hand which I’m known to take around my garden as a display of force again the damn fig eating birds. A description of the perps is a must, but a description of the actual firearms used may also jog the memory of a tipster. I am just pointing that out to show how little thought journalists, who tend to look down their noses at bloggers and crime writers, put into their reporting.

But the real issue is of course the description of the perps, which since they are violent, dangerous rapists the public could use. has a report that doesn’t even contain a description of the pair! Why? I think you can guess when you read the description from WSPA:

One suspect was described as bi-racial, approximately 6′ tall and 200 pounds, according to a statement from the school Thursday evening.

The other suspect was a black male, standing approximately 5’10″ and 180 pounds. Both were wearing dark clothing and “hoodie” type sweatshirts.

First let me say that being bi-racial myself I find it hard to believe that these victims would be sure that someone is or is not mixed unless they know the guy. Most White people I meet think I’m White unless I get a tan going in which case they think I’m Spanish. Some Black folk recognize me as Black but quite a few also assume I’m Hispanic. Multiple Latinos have approached me speaking Spanish, I suppose though that could be because I dress like an aging glam rocker which is unfortunately similar to the “Narco-Cowboy” style popular in Mexico but this has happened to me since I was a kid. I think unless the police aren’t reporting that they kind of know who this person is a better description for the first perp would be a light skinned Black male.

But seriously is political correctness more important that getting the information out there that might save a woman from a brutal attack? Many local journalists seem to think yes. Which is why you can not trust the media.


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