Rotten Reporting: When “Teens” Attack

Liberal bias is a charge thrown around a little too much these days, and when used against the media I often think people don’t really know what it means. Many times what people claim is an attempt by some left wing reporter to promote neo-Marxism is in reality bias of a less sinister sort, such as the bias of inexperience or fear on the report of the reporters of being taken to task by special interest groups

But there are times when there is a clear attempt by a reporter to steer audiences to a particular conclusion that isn’t supported by the facts. Mostly seen in crime reporting there are various ‘tricks” used by reporters to make criminals seem more sympathetic than they otherwise are. The most overused is calling perpetrators “teens” in an attempt to mitigate their behavior.

Since I started Greenville Dragnet I’ve seen this little trick quite a few times. Usually it’s in rags like Greenville News where I swear to you there was once a 22-year-old described as a teen. Because when we adults hear or read the term teen we usually think of children, putting the term in the headline of a crime story automatically makes us take part of the blame off the teen. After all shouldn’t their parents have been watching them? It is a convenient way for some thug-hugger to garner sympathy for some crook. But sometimes that tactic becomes some glaringly obvious that it’s almost laughable.

For example Fox Carolina has a article on their website with this title:

Teen Accused Of Raping Fellow Furman Student.

The details of the story are thus:

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A 19-year-old Furman student has been accused of raping a fellow student last week.

According to arrest warrants, Joshua Allen broke into the victim’s dorm room and raped her on Nov. 21.

Allen was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and first-degree burglary.

The university said that an investigation was conducted by Furman Public Safety and the State Law Enforcement Division, which led to Monday’s arrest.

So Allen is technically a teen, but he’s also an adult. He’s 19 and fully responsible for his actions. So why does it need to be stated in the title that he’s a teen?

And what of his alleged victim? That person is more than likely a teen as well, but the unnamed writers of this piece didn’t title it “Furman Student Rapes Teen” or anything that would make the victim more sympathetic. Why?

The person that sent me this thinks race may be a factor. Allen is Black and the Fox Carolina staff is afraid of offending the Black community so they are going out of their way to appease him. I say that’s bunk. This all has to do with the Marxist class warfare narrative that is taught in not just the social sciences, but most liberal arts disciplines including Journalism school. Criminals are victims in this mindset, pushed by external factors into crime. All criminals are the product of oppression so it is ingrained in students of most disciplines to have a knee jerk reaction of sympathy for anyone arrested or charged with a crime.

It shows in the writing.

I went through the same indoctrination, but I also lived in the real world, and grew up in a crime ridden area. I know that criminals sometimes rape or steal just because they like it. I have no illusions of external forces driving people toward evil, but I know their internal drives and lack of moral compass is the true impetus for most criminals depredations.

To me Joshua Allen is not a “teen” but a man. A young man perhaps, but still a man who must be judged by a jury and if found guilty punished. And I expect him to take that punishment like a man. I save my sympathy for the victims and I wonder why so many reporters don’t do the same.


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  1. Ajax the Great on December 3rd, 2010 10:38 am

    It could be an attempt to minimize it, but it seems more like anti-youth bias. You know, the kind of bias that implies that everyone under the age of 25 is some kind of oversexed, ultra-violent superpredator or junkie (they’re not). And that “kids today” are worse than past generations of teens (again false). That is really endemic in the Boomer-controlled media.

  2. Ajax the Great on December 3rd, 2010 1:07 pm

    And by the way, I hate political correctness as well, nor am I a big fan of Karl Marx, despite the fact that (like a stopped clock) he was right about a few things.

  3. Bob on December 30th, 2010 2:33 am

    I think it also affected by the type of school that Furman. So if they have a chance to make it seem less worse than it really is they will take it, to save face with parents and the furman community.
    I knew Josh and regarded his a littler lower than me only because he was a freshman, never would of saw him doing something like this, but I know alcohol was involved so, Prayers go to the victim and Josh and their families in this sad situation.

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