Rotten Reporting: WSPA and the Phantom Debate

WSPA ran a short article with the headline “Debate Over Tax Credit for Business” which is somewhat misleading. The tax credit proposed specifically is given to businesses that hire a person who has been out of work for at least a month. Seems like an elegant solution to our high unemployment by making it financially lucrative for businesses to hire more people than the bare minimum.

So what’s the debate here? Who’s the moron who is fighting a program designed to make businesses more willing to hire people?

Er, no one. There might be some resistance on the left to tax breaks on principle but frankly there is no debate on this issue. It’ll be passed without much fan fare. Seems like someone at WSPA wanted to create the illusion of a controversy, when in fact not much is there. Of course, they claim that if you tune in at 7:30pm they’ll tell you what this “means to you” so perhaps the debate will come after they trot out some communist to tell you how businesses are all stealing your money and should be closed down and replaced with state run enterprise.


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