Rotten Reporting: WSPA Tries Spinning Shooting of Home Invader

A Spartanburg couple who had a house on the market were told by their realtor that someone might have been squatting on their property. The couple went to check on the condition of the house and smartly armed themselves to do so. When they arrived the squatter, a homeless man named Gregory Wells, attacked the couple and the wife shot Wells in the face.

Wells survived his injury and the couple emerged unscathed. Good news all around, right?

Not to WSPA who originally titled the story on their website something along the lines of Homeless Man Shot in Face by Owner of House he Was Staying At. The updates story is titled NO Charges Filed Against Homeowners who Shot Homeless Man Staying at their House.

I sense an agenda here. See, claiming he was staying at their house implies he was a guest. He was not, he was a criminal entering another person’s home. A trespasser. When he was caught in the home he attacked the owners.The headlines are intended to create the perception that the homeowners did something wrong. They did not, they defended their lives and property from predation by one of those in our society that lack the moral compass which keeps us from hurting others, physically or financially.

Why would WSPA go through such convolutions in their headline to paint this as some sort of tragedy? Well, it could be the media’s coming “war on guns” that was spurred by the failure of Fast and Furious. Some readers may not be aware that many liberal journalists organize online – with the leftist political structure – to decide what spin to give stories. one of 2012s big pushes in the media will be the “evil” of gun ownership in America. The influx of Northeaster Liberals into the Carolinas is creating momentum for this view on the ground and the liberals in the media are going to stoke the fires so that Obama can push through the draconian gun control measures the left has been pushing for.

Don’t fall for it.



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