Rotten Reporting: WYFF and the “Un-Armed Robber”

So WYFF is reporting on a masked bandit that hit the Kangaroo gas station on Haywood Road and they point out that the mysteriously raceless criminal (though we assume he’s White since he has blue eyes) didn’t brandish a gun. Thus they conclude he was un-armed.

Really? I assume the journalist who wrote this piece knows the criminal involved and can tell us for sure he wasn’t carrying a gun in his pocket, or a knife or some pepper spray, or hiding a steel pipe up his sleeve, etc. I know that they don’t require you to take logic courses in journalism programs but it seems to me that the idea that if you didn’t see something it isn’t there would raise eyebrows even at WYFF. You don’t see the air for example. Do we live on an airless planet?

This is important because this person is potentially armed and dangerous but the reporters are turning him into a joke. The next clerk may recognize him and decide he’d rather rough up this kid – then get shot in the face.

There’s one thing and one thing only blogs and news sites have in common. we both exist to get the word out to people. For years “journalists” have abandoned that mission in favor of political agendas. Or in this case out of sheer ineptitude.


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