Rotten Reporting: WYFF Carries Water for Communist Front Group

Yet again we see how journalism programs in today’s colleges and universities have failed not just budding journalists but the American people. WYFF, the website that coincidentally wants no blogger quoting them even if credit is given, ran an article chronicling the “plight” of Jubilee House. The article titled Nonprofit Group Blasts Greenville Business spends four of its seven meager paragraphs relating the charges lodged by Jubilee House Community against Coker International and only points out that the president of Coker claims the charges are false in the second to last paragraph.

I will risk the email wrath of the online editor by providing you with their closing quote:

News 4′s Tim Waller did some digging to find out exactly what happened to this deal. His Looking Out 4 You investigation airs Tuesday at 5 on WYFF News 4.

I’m no professional journalist but I would think that WYFF might have wanted to complete the investigation before helping defame a local business. But what WYFF has not and will not tell you is that Jubilee House Community is a Sandinista allied Communist front group that acts as a propaganda and fund raising arm of Nicaraguan dictator and former terrorist Daniel Ortega.

The Jubilee House Community website gives a history of their involvement in Nicaragua which includes Marxist anti-American propaganda, and makes the claim that Ortega reduced poverty during his reign:

Since Ortega took office, the rates of extreme poverty have diminished significantly: those living in extreme peverty have decreased from 35.7% of the population in 2005 to 28.5% in 2009, a decrease of 7.2%

What they don’t mention is that this “poverty reduction” was measured by food consumption figures (not an accurate gauge of poverty, obviously) and that those figures were provided by Ortega’s Communist government. But hey, who couldn’t trust the numbers put out by a man who raped his own step-daughter for years while holding her hostage in a Marxist guerrilla camp? Aside from Communists who collect donations from Americans to send to a country whose president publicly berated President Obama for 50+ minutes at an international conference.

The article quotes Michael Woodard of Jubilee House but never provides the reader context to just who this person is. A little typing into “teh Google” brings up some interesting tidbits about the man making these salacious charges.

For example, Woodard’s writings are featured on a Communist website known as The World Prout Assembly which advocates world government, the destruction of capitalism and the conspiracy theory that America planned 9/11. It would seem to me that knowing that Woodard has views of our economic system and the companies within it that are hard left might be important to the investigation.

See, sometimes when you’re looking at two people accusing each other of crimes, it helps to know some background information on both to determine who would have motive to lie.

If you were interested in the truth it might be important to note that JHC used a similar claim of being harassed by evil rich people to raise money in 2008 and are using this new claim to raise money on their blog. Or how about as far back as early September, JHC was using their dealings with Coker to illustrate the “evils” of capitalism?

Now again, I’m no big time journalist filing reports for the online operation of a local affiliate channel, but as a crime blogger I like to figure out who is making the charges against people before I spread them around. I also like to ask questions, like if this has been going on for three months why hasn’t JHC had the person who stole their money arrested?

Or why is JHC protesting in front of Coker rather than taking them to court? Is it because they know they don’t have a case?

But I guess a real reporter can get to the bottom of these things without asking.

Coker says these people didn’t pay in full and when they do they’ll get their order. JHC is an anti-business, anti-capitalist, anti-American fringe group that has a history using “oppression” as a fund raising gimmick. Tim Waller and WYFF don’t care, because the narrative they want the story to have doesn’t fit with the facts.

And that my friends is rotten reporting.


2 Responses to “Rotten Reporting: WYFF Carries Water for Communist Front Group”

  1. Lindsay Everheart on November 9th, 2010 4:24 pm

    This is one of the most biased, misrepresenting pieces of garbage I have ever read. You know nothing about Jubilee House or what they’re mission is. The report hasn’t even aired yet and you’re already making stuff up. Talk about pitiful reporting with lack of information. It can’t be all that anti-American if Americans were the ones protesting. And don’t worry about the lawsuits. They’re coming.

  2. Rob Taylor on November 9th, 2010 5:25 pm

    You’re going to sue me for quoting your friends and pointing out WYFF didn’t bother researching your group before filing the above report? Really?

    And you’re really saying American communists, people who believe that America as it is needs to be destroyed, aren’t anti-American?

    Grow up, comrade.

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