Rotten Reporting: WYFF Says Man Caught with “Glock Ammunition”

Silly me I thought Glock made guns that fired different calibers of ammunition, mostly 9mm, .40 Cal. and .45 ACP. Luckily WYFF’s crack editorial team has set me straight:

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — The Greenville County Sheriff said a man arrested after a Wednesday shootout with deputies was armed with 400 rounds of glock ammunition.

Oh, he had a whole four hundred rounds of “Glock” ammunition. As an aside since Glock is the name of a company I always thought it should be capitalized, but again the crack editors who run the WYFF website are the real professionals.

As to having 400 rounds – I don’t see why that’s the lead. Depending on caliber and bread of ammunition a box of ammo will have either 20 or 50 rounds of ammunition. So if the suspect is a smart shopper his four hundred rounds actually translates into eight boxes of ammunition. Hardly an out of the ordinary amount of ammunition for any gun owner to have on hand. I own a couple of shotguns and probably have over one thousand rounds of various ammunition sitting around because I haven’t been out to the range in awhile. I buy ammo on sale and in bulk, just like most other things I buy.

So what?

The rotten reporting doesn’t end there however. After a brief discussion of the real story – 53-year-old Thomas Chester shooting at police after threatening to kill himself- the crack reporters have this to say about the crime:

(Sheriff Steve) Loftis said he believes stress from the economy is making people more violent toward law enforcement officers across the country.

Yeah, just because someone says something doesn’t mean you need to quote it. Especially in an article where there was no mention that economic woes lead the suspect to do anything. And is it really the economy that’s making people more violent? That is a fairly classist and nihilistic view of crime, implying that all that stands between a person and criminality is a dip in salary. Many people are feeling pressure from the bad economy, but they’re not shooting at police with “Glock” ammunition.

This nonsense is the end result of of having professional journalists who aren’t from the communities they cover. Whoever wrote this crap has no idea what they’re talking about and wanted to push two different political agenda’s in what is a boilerplate crime story. No wonder newspapers are dying, they’re staffed by hacks who think Glocks use proprietary ammunition.


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  1. Richard N. on February 8th, 2011 5:42 am

    I would have suggested doing a bit more research before opening your mouth and inserting your foot. You obviously don’t know anything about handguns or ammunition and your comments about “wyff’s crack journalistic reporting” is certainly uncalled for since you seem to be the one that doesn’t know what the hell your talking about. You continue to slam them throughout your article acting as if the reporters they use are just common people off the street.
    The fact of the matter mr. Rob Tayloris that there is such a thing as proprietary Glock ammunition. It’s called………wait for it, “gap”ammunition. “Glock automatic pistol”.

    It’s a .45 caliber that has been shortened to fit in smaller frame glocks with a bit less punch. It’s not a new round and has been out for about 2 years. Further more, 4 state police agencies including new york, pennsylvania, georgia and your very own south carolina already use the .45 gap round. Imagine that. With several other states including florida considering on switching to Glocks that use the “gap” ammunition.

    Glock currently has 3 models that use proprietary “gap” ammunition.
    The G37, G38 and G39. (See chart below).

    I would have guessed that you would have atleast did a rudimentary search on Glock ammunition and came up with “gap” ammunition but it seems you were to concentrated on name calling and putting down wyff’s “crack reporters” that you were to lazy to even open your own browser and type a simple keyword in.

    Thank you for proving your hack journalistic skills to everyone who reads your shit blog and keep up the good work. Noob.

  2. Rob Taylor on February 8th, 2011 2:03 pm

    Sorry I do my “rudimentary searches” in gun stores. .45 GAP is not only still fairly rare, it’s called .45 GAP and is still … wait for it … 45 ammunition. That’s why I know Springfield among other gun companies have guns chambered for .45 GAP.

    But since you like using the Internet for research (like a moron) here’s a link:

    Maybe instead of going for made for adsense pages for information, you should actually learn about guns.

    You and I both know that this was a reporter who assumed all Glocks use “Glock” ammunition, also Glock doesn’t make .45 GAP. Companies like Remington and Federal do.

    The .45 GAP is still a .45 round though, just like my .45 Long Colts aren’t just called “Colts” if you get what I’m saying.

    Of course since you use pages like “Glockfaq” as a source for your “knowledge” I assume you don’t. Thanks for the laugh though. “Proprietary rounds” by Glock, that was awesome.

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