Rotten Reporting: WYFF Thinks People “Ask for Money” by Pulling Guns on You

There have been several incidents in the Haywood Mall parking lot which police say are connected. WYFF, no doubt guided by an internal political correctness policy, decided the connection was that in all three incidents people were “asked” for money:

According to a police report, on April 27, a man said he was approached by a person with a handgun and was taken to his bank ATM to get $500.

Then on May 22, another victim said he was “swindled” out of the money when a man said he needed $500 to tow and repair his car.

Rampey said a third incident this week at the mall also occurred, but was different because the teenager said the man approached him for money, and would not leave him alone until he gave him $45.

“We are not sure if the incidents are all related or not,” said Rampey.

Er, that first incident definitely was not asking. The third one seems suspiciously like a reporter trying to downplay a strong arm robbery. In fact none of these episodes have anything in common with each other unless you remember that earlier in the article a police source says that the crimes were perpetrated by “similar” people.

WYFF of course has no description of these people. You wouldn’t want people to know what this dangerous criminal looks like after all, then they could keep themselves safe.

Fox Carolina at least narrows it down to a man in his 30s. When will the scourge of crime by these chameleon like bogeymen end?


2 Responses to “Rotten Reporting: WYFF Thinks People “Ask for Money” by Pulling Guns on You”

  1. Evan Will on June 27th, 2011 1:57 pm

    Haywood Mall has always creeped me out. And malls in general really. But there’s something super creepy about Haywood – perhaps its the fact that in Greenville and pretty much the whole upstate – it’s the only mall for 100 miles (other than Sparkle City I suppose) Hence, a huge honey hole for thieves.

  2. Loup Garou on June 27th, 2011 3:31 pm

    I can remember back before they cleaned Haywood mall up and the homeless would panhandle in the mall. It has never been a safe place… especially around the holidays. Situational awareness people. be aware of your surroundings. look other people in the eye, that alone can be enough to make a would be robber pick someone else. They aren’t looking for a fight, they are looking for a quick easy payday. DON’T BE A VICTIM

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