Rotten Reporting:Fox Carolina Thinks Pulling a Gun on Someone is “Soliciting Sex”

I don’t know if the guy was charged with soliciting sex as a legal maneuver but in common parlance if someone pulls a gun on you and then asks for sex we non law enforcement types like to just go ahead and call that attempted rape. Fox Carolina, as usual, doesn’t want to editorialize – or maybe they do. In this story about an armed robber who tried to get his victim to service him sexually, at gunpoint, they also refer to the thug as a teen in an attempt to make you think he’s just a kid. The perp is 18 so he’s a grown man.

A Rutherford County teen was arrested Sunday after deputies said he tried to rob a store and solicited sex from the clerk.

Deputies said that 18-year-old Charles Johnson walked in to the Iron Work County Store on Sunday and asked the clerk to give him some cigarettes. They said that when the clerk turned back around, Johnson had a gun pointed at her and demanded money.

Deputies said that Johnson then tried to solicit sex from the clerk. They said that when the clerk refused, Johnson pointed the gun at her face and demanded money again.

Johnson fled the scene when another customer walked into the store, deputies said.

Johnson was charged with attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon and attempted first-degree sex offense.

Oh wait. He was charged with a first degree sexual assault not “soliciting sex” so I guess Fox Carolina is actually throwing in terms designed to minimize what this scum did. Why?



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