Russel C. Geisller is the White Machette

Credit: WSPA

He’s not so much a pro-race war, communist, open borders propaganda tool as just a jerk who likes to threaten people with machetes in bathrooms. But when am I going to get to use that title anyway?

From WSPA:

Landrum, SC — Greenville County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating an overnight robbery.

They said a man with a machete held up the Celtic Tavern at 22349 Asheville Highway in Landrum around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning and took off with cash.

Deputies say the suspect was arrested in a gas station parking lot at the intersection of Highway 176 and Highway 14.

They say a Landrum police officer saw the suspect in a vehicle at the Hot Spot.

The officer approached the car and told the man inside to get out of the vehicle. The suspect ran.

Officers caught him, arrested him and took him back to the victim who told police he was the man who robbed them earlier.

Another criminal mastermind foiled by the being easy to identify and too dumb to lay low after committing a crime. He’s in Landrum getting charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, but they’re going to ship him to Greenville at some point so he can get charged with robbery and kidnapping. Maybe some of you jailhouse lawyer friends of Geisller want to clue him into the fact that if you pull a weapon on someone then make them move from one place to another cops will hit you with kidnapping charges.

Between claiming he’s innocent and a good guy of course.


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