Sam Young Gets a Measly 25 Years For Murdering Dymia Woody

He got off light if you ask me. Life without parole is what he deserves.

From WSPA:

Greenville County, SC –

Sam Young, 16, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and criminal sexual conduct Wednesday morning in a Greenville courtroom.

The judge accepted a recommendation of 25 years in prison during the sentencing phase of the hearing.

The judge called it “a tragic case.”


Nearly 40 members of Dymia Woody’s family were present. A News Channel 7 reporter spoke to some family members. They said they were displeased with the length of the sentence for Young and felt it should be longer.

The family is right. I wonder how long Young would have got if Dymia was White.

WYFF in typical hug-a-thug fashion, manages to place the blame for this crime on porn, with the help of a hack child psychologist. Note to the delicate flowers at WYFF – ALL teens look at porn, very few rape children to death afterward. The two are not related. Let’s not disrespect the dead by minimizing the evil of a murderer.


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