Scam Artists Already Running Cons After Storm


GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Better Business Bureau is urging residents needing repairs after Monday’s storms to check out the companies offering to complete the work before paying them for the service.

The BBB said they have an online feature where people can find reputable companies.

Roofers must have a license from the Labor, Licensing and Regulation Department and, in Greenville County, a permit from the Sheriff’s Office, the BBB said.

The agency said a tree company needs to have general liability insurance and workers compensation, but they do not have to be licensed.


The BBB recommended people never pay more than a third of the total cost up front, because they can risk the contractor never coming back or not finishing the job. They also said people should never pay in cash, so that there is a written record of the transaction.

Indeed, if a contractor comes to you asking for cash be careful. The oldest scam in the book is to take the advance and move on. Be careful out there.


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