Scrappers Stealing Grave Vases in Woodruff

Bronze vases, left on the graves as a memorial by grieving loved ones, are being stolen in Woodruff by what are no doubt thieves who are lured by the promise of quick cash for scrap metal due to rising commodity prices. From Fox Carolina:

WOODRUFF, S.C. — Thieves are robbing from the dead and investigators are trying to track them down.

A manager with the Greenhaven Cemetery in Woodruff noticed several missing bronze vases and called deputies.

For family members and friends, the cemetery is a final resting place for those they love. But some bold grave robbers disturbed the grounds and ripped the vases from grave markers.

“It didn’t surprise me a whole lot,” said Jean Hunter. She said that type of low-down crime has happened before at the cemetery — to her mother’s grave. “About a year, or so, ago, her vase was stolen. They replaced it for us,” she said.

So, when she heard more thieves hit the cemetery, she got in her car and drove there.

Bronze and Brass have really been a small timer market. Bronze has usually been worth about $2/lb depending on the scrap yard and circumstance. However the primary ingredient in bronze, copper, is just retreating off 4-month highs and speculators are expecting the metal to surge in the coming months due to increased industrial demand. Scrap metal dealers may be in a buying mood for all sorts of scrap in anticipation of a run on metals by governments, industry and speculators.


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