Scumbag Caught Dealing Pot Out of Ice Cream Truck

Is nothing sacred?

Michael Mulligan was driving a Blue Bunny Ice Cream truck in Gaffney and decided to make a little side money on his route by dealing weed, hopefully to adults. Someone apparently saw Mulligan selling more than ice cream and alerted police, who found Mulligan and searched his truck.

They found a baggie of marijuana and arrested Mulligan for possession.

Having had many arguments with stoners who claim that marijuana being illegal is akin to the holocaust and a violation of their constitutional right to get high (the 420th amendment) I am still confused as to why these overgrown children and the parasites who deal to them need to spend so much time trying to expose kids to their drug use. No one would claim that it’s acceptable to sell alcohol or cigarettes from an ice cream truck but already you can find stoners on the Web acting like this scumbag dealer is being persecuted by “the powers that be” who are taking away our freedoms, man!

Listen, Paulnuts. I’m glad you’re happy to live in your parents’ house (so you can save up for a mail order bride) well into your 40s screening Freedom to Fascism to your 9/11 Truth club between Farscape marathons and Star Wars cosplay, but can we all agree on some basic morality? Do we really need to explain to you that even if you like to get high, buying from a guy who is also selling ice cream to kids is not just a bad idea but pretty much three steps away from being pervert? It’s not Libertarian to have the kids in your neighborhood see you buying or smoking pot; it’s creepy.

We don’t take kids to bars, we don’t get them lap dances for their birthdays and we don’t buy drugs in front of them from the skeevy weirdo who drives an ice cream truck and just happens to carry around some illegal drugs when doing so. I thought this was basic stuff we all know.

As bad as Mulligan is, the guy who bought a dime bag from Mulligan while some little girl was waiting behind him to get a King Cone is worse.


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  1. Mike Mulligan on August 17th, 2014 2:29 pm

    Who ever this is calling me a scumbag I wasn’t selling weed

    I was found not guilty by a court of law

    And I passed many many drug screens

    Have a nice day

    Thanks, Mike Mulligan

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