Second Guessing the Double Shooting in Greer

Article by Evan Will

Per WYFF today, the double shooting that happened in Greer:

“Greer police said late Tuesday afternoon that a double shooting on Monday morning happened during an armed robbery in which the homeowner fired back, wounding the suspect before he was killed. Greer police Lt. Jim Holcombe said the shooting, in the 200 block of Pelham Street, was reported at 9:18 a.m. Monday Police said the investigation revealed that the homeowner, 62-year-old Douglas Burgess, answered the door at his residence and the suspect, 34-year-old Tamika Yvette Weatherspoon, asked for some money. Police said when Burgess refused to give Weatherspoon any money, she pulled a gun, and he then pulled a gun. Burgess and Weatherspoon each fired one shot, police said.”

Now unfortunately, the assailed did not survive the exchange of gunfire. Neither did the assailant. But it would appear the female pistolero had the immediate drop on the aging man. He got his in the chest. Hers in the leg, per the report online:

“Dill said Weatherspoon was shot in the upper leg. Dill said Burgess died from a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.”

I can’t help but wonder – what would any of us do in the exact same situation. When a bad guy has the drop on you…do you reach….do you run…I’d like to say I’d stall and do what they said and look for an opportunity to even the odds or at least strike first. But we weren’t there. We can’t ever know exactly. He answered his door armed, which means he sensed needing it when he answered the door. A shame and a reminder to be vigilant and as ready as you can be for that moment we all hope never comes. Lets all hope. But train so when hope doesn’t work out…we win.

Bad guys really suck.


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