Sex Offender Activists Claim They’re Victims of Racism or Something

Oh, and all you people who support registries are Nazis.

Some readers may be shocked to find out that there is a thriving online community of perverts and pervert apologists who work hard to alter the perception of convicted sex offenders and indeed legalize pedophilia. You won’t be shocked to learn these organizations are comprised mainly of convicted sex offenders and the groupies who love them. The blog Absolute Zero United (AZU) is dedicated to tracking these people and I recommend you visit them to familiarize yourself with the oft-ignored pro-sex offender movement.

It was through AZU that I was made aware of depraved yet asinine writings of “Randy English” who is the Chief Operating Officer of a group called SOSEN. A quick perusal of the names of known SOSEN members will show you that the group is predominantly a cult of convicted sex offenders whose goal is to convince the public that sex offenders aren’t dangerous and that sexual offenses are not as bad as people claim. SOSEN managed to get 501c status.

SOSEN has long taken a page from the online Left (and in fact many of their members are leftists of various sorts) and used Internet smear campaigns to make their point.  They use their forums to organize propaganda campaigns which you have no doubt come across on news sites where there is a mysterious flood of comments on sex crime stories that have the same talking points about the pedophile “panic” or how unfairly sex offenders are treated.

So it was only a matter of time before they went all in and used the favorite tactic of the far Left. They’re crying racism. Racism against pedophiles. You read that right, if you support sex offender registries you’re a literal racist. Here’s a little sample from Randy English’s hackneyed essay called The Jim Crows are Back:

In a time when many people, including government officials, are calling for more stringent sex offender laws, why would anyone stand up for these people? This is a question that you may be asking yourself… if you are not a sex offender or not related to one. Since the studies and mounting proof from experts in the field of sex offender management have been ignored, I will present my explanation in another way.

My answer will likely fall on deaf ears if you are a vigilante, xenophobic, or a victim for profit. However if you have an open mind let me tell you why I feel the way I do.

Xenophobia is obviously used more often to mean some sort of fear of other races or cultures but here English uses it to mean the normal aversion people have to child molesters and rapists. By his definition being wary of any criminal is “xenophobic.” Don’t want felons to own a gun? You’re a xenophobe. Won’t hire a bank robber to work as a teller? Racist. See how it works? Xenophobia for Randy English is you judging others by their actions and character.

What’s more instructive is his claim that there are “victims for profit” out there who are attacking those poor defenseless perverts. You know, because there’s great money to be had in having been sexually victimized. This phrase alone, loaded with disdain for the victims of sex offenders (including his own no doubt) would be disgusting enough, but as we’ll see, Randy English sinks to depths unseen even by the most depraved apologist for sex offenders:

You may be interested to know that today’s residency restrictions have a distant cousin, Jim Crow Laws. In the sections in blue to follow I challenge you to replace the word negro with sex offender and see how well it fits in today’s laws code.  The only difference is that sex offenders are treated far worse since they do not get separate but equal protection under the law.

He then goes on to quote several Jim Crow laws at length, which of course resemble sex offender registries only in the minds of racists who see some equivalence between being Black and raping a woman, or masturbating to child pornography. Being of African descent myself, I will tell those of you wondering that this is indeed offensive. He goes on to try address this offense however:

Yes, I know, some of you would say that sex offenders are different, that they are dangerous and that blacks were not. The truth is, that was the exact argument that was used against black people. Black men were said to be such a danger to white women and children that they could not even go to the same parks, schools or libraries as white women and children. True, there were a few incidences where black men did rape and kill white women, however was it sound reasoning to punish the whole race for the crimes of just a few. We know the answer to that but we still continue down that same path today.  Prejudice is based on hate, fear and ignorance.

In this case “prejudice” is based on the fact that sex offenders commit heinous crimes and groups like SOSEN prove they have little remorse for them.

For years people, generally those on the left of the political spectrum, have tried to shut down debate by calling their opponents racists. This tactic often works because in America, being a racist is in many ways worse than being called a pervert. But it’s a term that has been so abused and misused that it has lost all meaning. Now anyone can be a racist for anything. I was quite bemused to have White people call me a racist for criticizing Islam. By the time I was being called a racist for reporting on Latino gangs committing hate crimes against Black Americans the charge had failed to garner any reaction from me at all. Now we see the the the charge of racism at its most comical, aimed at people like me who are disgusted by people who rape children.

When everyone is a victim of racism no one really is. In their zeal to portray their political enemies in the worst possible light the hard left in this country unwittingly destroyed any semblance of meaning the word racist had. The idea of bigotry itself has been deconstructed until it can basically mean anything, like supporting restrictions on pedophiles that make it harder for them to find victims.

It is unsurprising that this intellectual abortion was written after another SOSEN-linked sex offender tried to claim that Jessica’s Law was racist … because Jessica Lundsford was White. Yet another tried and true dead horse still being beaten on the Internet is to turn every argument into a class warfare-based deconstruction of White privilege. When that argument fell flat on its face they upped the ante with a little “we’re just like Balck people” rhetoric. Like all leftists however, English way overplays his hand while consumed with his faux-victimhood:

After reading this, if you are still convinced that more restrictions on former sex offenders are just and due, then it is likely that you would have fit in well during the times of the Jim Crow Laws, laws that unjustly targeted a whole class of American citizens.

I however would have fared no better during those dark ages of American history than I do today when the new “Niggers” (not meant offensively) in town are the sex offenders.

Why would I be offended? After all he’s a minority too according to him, while you decent people supporting common sense restrictions on sex offenders (the way we restrict felons in general from owning firearms or voting) are basically the Klan. And if you disagree with him you’re just a xenophobic bigot.


12 Responses to “Sex Offender Activists Claim They’re Victims of Racism or Something”

  1. Stitches77 on June 2nd, 2010 8:02 am

    “When everyone is a victim of racism no one really is.”

    An excellent point Rob and one I’m sure that Randy English completely overlooked when composing his mental diarrhea. Despite what he believes HE is not the victim. So:

    He either doesn’t believe it and was simply spewing hate, or he does believe it and his words have meaning.

    That meaning is that he’s still trying to find someone else to blame for the situation in which he finds himself. Everyone else in the world has some character flaw or defect which results in them be “less than”…..except for him of course. He couldn’t possibly be in error, after all, he “just made a mistake”

    As for the living witnesses of what he and his cohorts have done? The victims of their crimes? He just wants them to be silenced.

  2. Warped Ohio on June 5th, 2010 11:56 am

    Ah, AZU, the same group that has accused Patty Wetterling of having a sex offender son, an organization who routinely harasses, attacks, and slanders its targets, and an organization that has two regular contributors on the sex offender registry. A group sued in Federal Court, no less. An organization that is nothing more than a collection of cyber-bullies that are only accepted by their choice of targets. What wonderful company these type of civilian-run crime blogs keep!

  3. Rob Taylor on June 5th, 2010 4:57 pm

    Hey look everyone! A pervert! Did you take some time out from online degeneracy to throw some slander around? Prove AZU has been sued in court.

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  6. john on January 5th, 2011 11:19 pm

    Buncha nuts!

  7. Mudkip on April 14th, 2011 1:41 am

    What the hell does “legalizing pedophilia” mean? Pedophilia isn’t an act, it’s a predisposition. It should be “legalizing child molestation.”

    Any btw, sex offender =/= child rapist…

  8. Rob Taylor on April 14th, 2011 11:23 am

    Pedophilia is not a predisposition. Very few “pedophiles” are actually predisposed to children that is what the pedophiles want people to believe – to normalize their behavior. Here’s the actual list of types of pedophiles used by the FBI

  9. fuckoff on January 17th, 2013 5:23 am

    Rob Taylor is just ashamed if his predisposition to like a dick in his ass. So he targets people that he knows will make people like him and starts running his mouth. Typical. Though I bet he wouldnt do it face to face. And alone. Sissy bitch. I hate people that commit crimes as well. But stirring others to be a bane in their existence is futile and childish at best. Grow up you dumb piece of redneck shit.

  10. Rob Taylor on January 17th, 2013 1:57 pm

    You’re missing words in that well reasoned argument – which I assume is that gays are worse than child molesters? But I’m the redneck, of course.

  11. Fred on March 14th, 2016 3:05 pm

    So… let me get this straight. Out of all the sex offenders that are registered, despite the higher White population, the majority of sex offenders are black…
    And this article is basically making fun of people who are claiming being victim of systemic racism.
    I’m guessing this comment won’t be approved.

  12. Rob Taylor on March 14th, 2016 3:25 pm

    I’m arguing the exact opposite – next time read before commenting

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