Shenequa Goodwin Files False Rape Report, Police Say

Greenville police say Shenequa Goodwin had drunken sex with two men, then lied about being raped because she is engaged to be married and felt ashamed.  The 26-year-old Greenville woman is charged with filing a false report.

The police report states Goodwin, 26, called police and reported that after pulling into a gas station she was grabbed and forced into a vehicle.

Finally, Goodwin admitted that she was intoxicated and was not assaulted as she originally reported police said.

Goodwin told police she was driven to a house in a nearby neighborhood and sexually assaulted by two men while in the driveway.

Goodwin was intoxicated when she reported the assault and a written statement could not be taken, the report states.

A weekend duty detective met the officer taking the report and interviewed Goodwin at her home on S. Calhoun Street. During the lengthy interview, the report states Goodwin made numerous conflicting statements.

False accusations of rape are not a game or a harmless white lie to get you off the hook for cheating on your boyfriend.  False reports can destroy lives. Furthermore, they increase the likelihood that genuine assault victims will fail to come forward because they fear they will not be taken seriously.

And as Shenequa Goodwin has learned, false reports rarely end well for the complainant.


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