Shocka! Nigerian Email Scam Originates in Greenville

Who’d a thunk?  Greenville resident for the last 14 years Kenneth Ojua brought a quaint custom from his native Nigeria to Greenville – the email scam. Apparently he ended up on an episode of Dateline which is extremely unfortunate for Kenneth since he’s already on probation for forgery.

From Greenville News:

A Greenville man has been arrested in what police describe as a sprawling e-mail scheme, and more arrests are likely.

A Greenville County man was featured on “NBC Dateline” that aired Sunday. Authorities alleged he bilked a Connecticut woman out of $200,000 as part of a Nigerian money scheme, and police say he has faced charges here before.

Kenneth Ojua, 38, was charged with one count of swindling and one count of trying to obtain goods under false pretenses, according to Greenville police and court records.

The show set up cameras at the Hyatt hotel in downtown Greenville in December, where the show’s host confronted Ojua — who authorities said was using a fake name — about the alleged scheme after a meeting had been set up between Ojua and the victim to exchange money, Det. Rick Floyd said in an arrest affidavit.

More charges are likely against other suspects, Floyd said, in what he described as a sprawling e-mail scheme that promises millions of dollars to people who are led to believe they are the heirs of overseas fortunes.

Ojua’s attorney, Dick Warder, declined to comment on the case.

The scammers were using The Black Money Trick which, once you see it done, is pretty convincing … if you’re a mark. If you know that you can’t get something for nothing these kinds of scams don’t work on you. They play on the greed, gullibility and laziness of the victims so it’s hard to be sympathetic.

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