Shocka! Reporters Discover a Social Network Used by Hookers!

What!?! Hookers using social networks? No way! Who would have thought?

From the far too naive Philadelphia CBS affiliate:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Prostitution has plagued any number of internet sites in recent years – notably Craigslist – but now the CBS 3 I-Team has found a new hideout for hookers on one of the most widely-used social media sites.

Our exclusive investigation found Twitter is used by call girls all the time as a free way to advertise. A simple search for escorts returns hundreds of tweets. And, there are illicit pictures and lots of links to websites that are so X-rated, we couldn’t open them on company computers.

But it goes way beyond that: some prostitutes right in your backyard are even setting up appointments over Twitter, which is used by kids of all ages. The I-Team met up with one prostitute at a motel outside Wilmington, Delaware, having never spoken with her. All our communication was through Twitter.

We met another woman, who calls herself a “goddess” at a Cherry Hill motel after we saw her advertise her availability on Twitter.

She uses Twitter in the same way many prostitutes do: to tell prospective clients, in 140 characters or less, where she is and when she’s available. She posted tweets like: “Philly, I’m back for 2 days only” or “One more day til my AC Trip,” advising her followers to “book early.”

Did I say naive? Maybe I meant involved. Anyone else think this article stinks of a cover-up for a reporter caught contacting working girls on his laptop?


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