Shots Fired Into Two Greenville Homes

Two Greenville homes and at least one car were peppered with gunfire late Thursday night. No one was hurt and there have been no arrests. News Channel 7 reports:

Just before midnight Greenville Police say someone fired shots into a home on Potomac Avenue in Greenville.

The woman inside said she an three other people where watching TV when they heard the shots and the hit the ground.

No one was hurt.

Ten minutes later a mother and her two daughters reported hearing five gunshots fired into her home on Pleasant Ridge Avenue.

A neighbor also reported gunshots hitting her car, which was parked in her driveway.

Seemingly random incidents like this one shatter the pervasive myth that victims of crime are always looking for trouble or failing to take adequate precautions.  Despite our best efforts at preparedness, sometimes evil crosses our thresholds as a random spray of bullets from a gun held by a shooter without a soul.


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