Simpsonville Holding Another Upstate Family Reunion Is A Really Bad Idea

The Tribune-Times ran an article in yesterday’s edition titled “Reunion’s return eyed warily” (re-titled “Family Reunion returns to Simpsonville, some residents worry about crowds” on their website for some reason) which downplayed the damage and concerns about the annual Upstate Family Reunion festival. Last year attendees to the event damaged property, trespassed, destroyed residents yards and left Simpsonville’s Heritage Park looking like a war zone.

Residents are said to “have concerns” about this year.

35,000 people showed up last year and more may be coming this year. City officials are coordinating with event organizers and promoters to try to make things more orderly, including having 50 police on hand and the city many of which will be state troopers moonlighting and paid by Simpsonville.

It’s unclear who will be handling the massive clean up. Let me venture a guess – you. As in taxpayers who are footing the bill for a event too large to be handled by the meager resources Simpsonville has at it’s disposal anyway. It’s a waste of money, pure and simple.

There comes a point when whatever imaginary gains a city has for hosting an event is outweighed by the hundreds of thousands of real dollars it takes to hold it. And having witnessed the garbage strewn wasteland Heritage Park was transformed into last year first hand I think hundreds of thousands of dollars is a conservative estimate. How many businesses really benefited from the Family Reunion last year? How many of the vendors and bands were Simpsonville locals? Simpsonville is spending money so that people who don’t contribute to the city can make a quick buck and stick taxpayers with the mess.

I’m not the one running the cost benefit analysis but frankly, this just seems like a bad idea. Simpsonville residents got burned last year, and now the people who run the town are asking you to stick your hand back in the fire, because they’ve thrown more of your money into it so it’ll feel different.

This was a bad idea, and holding it again after the disaster of last year is a really bad idea. Simpsonville City Administrator Russell Hawes claims that if there’s problems similar to last year the event won’t be asked back. Let’s hope that’s true.

But since they didn’t learn their lesson last time I doubt it.


7 Responses to “Simpsonville Holding Another Upstate Family Reunion Is A Really Bad Idea”

  1. Winter Santiaga on July 26th, 2010 2:04 am

    personally i think it is a good idea to keep the family reunion goin there are plenty of other events that take place each year and nobody complains about it so why should the family reunion be cancelled. is it because of how many african american or black people i may say are in one gathering. im sensing that is the problem. not taxes or anything else, any local events there will be crowds and i think i speak for alot people….why be concerned about the trash if your not the one who has to clean it up…im just saying!!

  2. Rob Taylor on July 26th, 2010 2:08 am

    Because all those other events didn’t destroy the place, or have people destroying the private property of the neighbors.

    And the people who pay taxes do have to pick up the trash, in overtime. Money doesn’t grow on trees and civil servants aren’t paid to pick up after you. That’s pretty ghetto and why no one wants this event here.

    And before you start, I’m Black, moron.

  3. Commenter “Winter Santiaga” Is The Reason The Upstate Family Reunion is A Really Bad Idea : Greenville Dragnet on July 26th, 2010 11:49 pm

    [...] it came as know surprise to me that someone using this pseudonym on my recent post about  The Upstate Family Reunion left a comment that seems like it came from a caricature of a Black person, and not a real one: [...]

  4. Rita on June 26th, 2011 9:23 am

    FIrst of all they shouldnt have took they name off the event if you remember when the church started it, it was the Black Family Reunion. Second they should have left it where it was they moved it to make money off the Black People.
    Now we are tired an didnt participate last year an they are having to move it back where it Started…..they didnt utiliize all there space at Lakeside anyway…they didnt do well thats why they trying to move it back where its suppose to be.. We’ll See if they get the Participation Back. i dont know why half off us havnt regonized they took the Black off

  5. tasha on June 15th, 2013 10:21 am

    y is it that when African Americans want to come together and have a good time supporting there cultural such as music or a bond it always somehow seems to get knocked down crime was present way before the family reunion existed but now they want to use us coming together as negativity they remove the black off so it wouldn’t discriminate and I don’t know why it always has to be about making money they slaves came together and had a good time with money just being amongst there people and trying to get to no one another smh what they world is coming to!!!

  6. tasha on June 15th, 2013 10:23 am

    “without money”

  7. Rob Taylor on June 16th, 2013 3:00 am

    I’m half-Black so peddle your nonsense elsewhere.

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