Simpsonville Student Accused of Poisoning Teacher’s Drink with Hand Sanitizer

With hand sanitizer! The teacher wasn’t hurt but still may press charges.


Simpsonville, SC (WSPA/WLTX) -A Hillcrest High School student is suspended after Greenville County school officials say the student tampered with a teacher’s drink.

The incident took place September 1st in a computer class.

The teacher did not require medical attention, after she claimed a student put hand sanitizer in her drinking water.

District officials say the investigation is still ongoing, and refused to elaborate further on the story.

They say Simpsonville police are also investigating. Criminal charges could come if the teacher decides to press charges.

The student’s mother claims the daughter, who is new to the school this year, was a scapegoat for other students responsible. She says the other students used a gang mentality to label the “new girl” the culprit.

When asked if her daughter would lie about this, the mother said “no”.

It would be interesting to see if the girl is telling the truth.

Why schools have hand sanitizer in available I’ll never know. It’s basically napalm in a bottle, check this out:


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