Six New Cops For Greer Police Force

Six new police officers and an animal control offer were added to the Greer Police force last week.  Thanks to a federal grant windfall, the Greer Police Department lifted its hiring freeze and brought the new officers on board. reports:

Three of the positions were funded by the COPS Hiring Recovery Program, which provides $1 billion in grant funding for local police departments across the United States to hire roughly 5,500 law enforcement officers.

The estimated amount of federal money to be awarded to Greer over the three-year grant period is $458,667, Holcombe said. It will cover the cost of the entry-level officers’ salaries and benefits.

Of course, there’s a big ol’ elephant in the squad room: what happens at the end of the three-year grant period?  Will the city of Greer find a way to cover nearly half a million dollars in additional financial obligations, or will the three grant-funded hires be back on the job market?

Maybe this this one of those things we’re not supposed to ask in polite company, like why Uncle Edgar brought a live swan to last year’s Thanksgiving meal.

But, er, congrats to the new grant recruits:

  • Brandon Edge (Greer Police Department, 2009-2012)
  • Timyra Hudson (Greer Police Department, 2009-2012)
  • Charles “Jamie” Smith (Greer Police Department, 2009-2012)

In addition, three officer vacancies were filled by Cole Smith, Katherine Cochemou0r, and Shane Pressley and Scott Rutgers was hired as an animal control officer, bringing the force up to 57 full-time cops.


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