South Carolina Man Shot by Ohio Craigslist Killers

Anyone who reads crime blogs knows sites like Craigslist are dangerous places frequented by all sorts of criminals looking for a quick score. Meeting anyone from these sites is risky and always has been. A local South Carolina resident found out the hard way that some of these people are interested in taking more than you’re money – they want you’re life:

One of the assailants was 16, the other a grown man and since the American press is being coy about the names to protect the identity of the kid it seems like the two are related. Let that sink in for a while. The Daily Mail identified the older man as 52-year-old Richard Beasley who has yet to be charged but is in jail on a prostitution charge. His mother claimed he hung around with drug addicts and “street people” so maybe the kid was also turning tricks with him?

Rumors are that there will be a lot more bodies uncovered in this area. The victim was lucky to escape with his life. Do not meet people from the Internet in real life, period.


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