South Carolina Workers to Get Obesity Surgery on Your Dime

While South Carolina struggles with with high unemployment, even higher underemployment, budget shortfalls and the specter of even lower tax revenues in 2011, Columbia has come up with a bold idea to help. Free Lap-Band surgery for the first 100 workers who apply. The cost? Just $2,000,000.

From Fox Carolina:

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Obese government workers in South Carolina can get stomach-shrinking surgery through the state health plan under a pilot program that starts in January 2011.

The state director for employees’ insurance program said Thursday the pilot will pay for the surgery for 100 people statewide on a first-come, first-serve basis. The plan will cover gastric-bypass or Lap-Band surgery for people who qualify.

Lawmakers required the trial program and set aside more than $2 million for it in the budget. They told the Budget and Control Board to create it as part of workers’ benefits plan for 2011, which the board approved Thursday.

Results will be studied to see if the surgeries lead to overall health savings.

Yeah. See, I think there’s cheaper ways for the state to pay people who got fat to lose weight. For example, the city of Mauldin has a gym that residents can join for about $300 per year, non-residents for $600. If you take 100 out of state fat people and paid for them to lose weight the right way (working out) then you’ll only pay $600,000.

But why are we paying for this at all? Did taxpayers make these people fat? Everyone knows there’s only one way to get in shape, stop eating too much and work out. The fact that these people are fat means they did neither, so they should be responsible for the consequences.

Look, since I began blogging (about six years ago) I’ve gained weight. When I put on too much weight I stop eating steak and eggs for breakfast (which is at about noon since I roll out of bed around 10:30 at best) and hit the stationary bike, lift some weights and practice with the Jo. Then once I get in shape I go for ice cream. I don’t need surgery to stop gaining weight. I decide to gain weight with by living a lifestyle I enjoy.

I don’t demand anyone else pay for it, and I don’t pretend that I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off if I really wanted to. These people are parasites and they should be paying us for putting up with them eating all the food and making us look at them in spandex and tank tops all summer.


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