Spartanburg County Alternative School Student Assaults Teacher During “Temper Tantrum”

The student is 17-years-old so I frankly think calling this attack a temper tantrum is a bit off base. Sounds like this “kid” needs to do a few months in the county lock-up to me. Of course, that doesn’t fit in with the teaching philosophy of the Spartanburg County Alternative School who describe themselves thusly:

We are a diverse and goal oriented group of students and faculty dedicated to education, character development and raising social consciousness. Our vision is to provide an alternative school setting where a diverse student population has an opportunity to successfully integrate back into the home school environment, GED/adult education, or into the workforce. Spartanburg County Alternative School is where

S tudents

C an

A chieve

S uccess

Uh-huh. If I’m reading this correctly, they’re preparing this “diverse” population for a life of living at home, getting a GED and maybe picking up 2nd shift at Walgreens. Shoot for the stars.

How does this goal oriented, diverse stable of do-gooders work to help their diverse, socially conscious stable of needy students achieve their lofty goal of perpetual impoverishment? With this simple yet surprisingly convoluted “philosophy” that sounds suspiciously like someone wrote it while reading bumper stickers in the Whole Foods parking lot:

It is our fundamental belief that all students are of value, and they need guidance to find and develop the positive qualities they possess. We understand that many will have histories of failure in the traditional educational setting. Therefore, it is our goal to strive to find creative approaches which will enable them to experience academic success that will continue with them throughout their lives. We are dedicated to offering a non-judgmental environment that will provide structured learning that is not rigid.

How’s that non-judgmental environment working out anyway?

According to a release from Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office representative Tony Ivey, deputies were called to the school on Lincoln School Road at 1:35 p.m. The call was in reference to an unruly student in the school’s gym, Ivey said.

When officers arrived, they witnessed a faculty member trying to escort Marcel Allen Kline, 17, to another part of the school, the release said.

The officer said he heard Kline shout a racial slur at the faculty member then kick a door, shattering the glass, according to the incident report. The officer said Kline then repeatedly kicked the teacher, the report said.

Kline was taken into custody and charged with one count each of assault and battery on a school employee by a student, disturbing school and malicious injury to real property.

He was booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center where he is being held on a $2,500 bond.

I’m shocked, shocked, that teenagers would be so disrespectful to a bunch of mincing hippies who spent their time telling him to lower his expectations and not accept “rigid” and “judgmental” actions and attitudes from others. Why, it’s almost as if troubled teens need more structure and discipline rather than less.

But hey, I’m not the expert here. I’ll let the results of  Spartanburg County Alternative School speak for themselves.

The faculty page lists three different teachers for something called “character education.” Is it safe to assume Kline wasn’t doing well in those classes?


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  1. Heather on December 25th, 2011 1:56 am

    Have u ever visited the school that you’re blasting? It is the most structured environment possible for an educational setting. Poor journalism. Also, I believe you misread the mission statement genious. It doesn’t say that they are preparing them to stay at home, but to return to their “home school”, meaning the school assigned to students based on residence. The students have been removed from their assigned school due to poor behavior. The other option is expulsion. Do you believe that would be a better way to turn these troubled teens into productive citizens? I think not.

  2. Rob Taylor on December 25th, 2011 2:53 pm

    Having worked with troubled teens myself I do know that violence cannot be tolerated and minimizing their violence sets them up for a life time of criminality in the future. This kid needs firm and loving guidance, and what you’re giving is excuses for anti-social behavior.

    The next person he roughs up is not going to take his gold star away – he’s going to shoot him, or stab him or if the gods are kind have him arrested and thrown in jail. Nice work Heather. You’ve taught this person that there’s no consequences for outrageous behavior in a world where the consequences for this type of outburst can be fatal.

    If a 17-year-old assaults me while I’m about my business after yelling racial slurs at me he’ll be lucky to alive when the police arrive. If he did it to a woman while I was there he wouldn’t be alive when the police came. That’s reality Heather – you’re in SC where the CC permits flow like water. Think about it hippy.

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