Spartanburg Home Invasion Averted … With Hot Lead

Which is frankly the only way to handle a situation like this sans getting beaten or raped. A little outside our usual territory, but Spartanburg is only a half-hour away so in the interest of raising awareness we bring you this story:

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Deputies said that a homeowner shot a man trying to break into his home on Tuesday morning.

The shooting happened at 632 Nodding Hill Road just after 9 a.m.

The homeowner told FOX Carolina that he was laying on the couch when he heard someone banging on his door and then glass breaking. He said that he went to a bedroom and retrieved his gun. He said that when he came back to the door he saw a hand reaching inside his home and fired.

The man said that he heard several people scream and then run away.

Deputies said that they are interviewing a person who showed up after the shooting at a local hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound. They said they believe there was more than one person involved in the break-in.

And those others are still on the loose and perhaps looking for easier pickings, so be careful. Understand that what we’re talking about here is a group of people who are looking to break into people’s houses in broad daylight and may or may not be targeting houses with people in them. This is a dangerous situation you need to be prepared for.

Even in the largest cities with huge police forces the average response time for cops getting to a 911 call is around two minutes or so. That’s a long time for a gang of criminals to have you, your spouse or your children under their control. Here in Greenville County where there are so many transplants a lot of people aren’t familiar with South Carolina’s fairly libertarian gun laws and common sense approach to self-defense. I’d advise anyone who is home alone to take precautions against home invasion like adding locks to doors or buying a dog (even a small “yippy” dog which can warn you of danger) and check into purchasing a firearm and the training to use it.

If the man above was unarmed and waiting for police to arrive he would likely be dead.


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