State Rep’s Son Might be a Filthy Degenerate, Will Folks Definitely One

Right now police are working on that assumption but the theory was first floated by a known liar and wife beating degenerate so I won’t overlook the possibility here that some politician’s kid is getting railroaded as part of Will Folks’ war on everyone. But right now State Representative Steve Parker’s son is the main suspect in a series of disturbing and escalating sex crimes targeting the USC area:

Spartanburg County Deputies on Tuesday say they arrested Kevin Allen Parker, 27, in connection to a series of indecent exposure cases.

Deputies think Parker is responsible for numerous incidents of indecent exposure at apartment complexes near USC Upstate.

Parker, the son of S.C. House District 37 Rep. Steve Parker, was arrested around 2:30 p.m., and was taken to the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

Deputies say Parker has been exposing himself to women and even a few small children since at least January 2009.

Sheriff Chuck Wright says four investigators worked on the case.

“We feel like this is our guy,” Wright said.

Several weeks ago, deputies say Parker entered two apartments at the Campus Suites apartments and stood over women who were asleep inside.  In one instance, deputies say one of the women awoke to Parker touching her.

On Oct. 31, 2010, USC Police in Columbia, SC, arrested Parker and charged him with indecent exposure and resisting arrest.

According to an incident report, Parker stood outside of a dorm and exposed himself to women entering the dorm.

Parker was pinched flashing so cops probably think this is a no brainer (as would I) but there’s a chance that the very average Parker fits the description of the very average suspect and cops knew that they could rely on the morally bankrupt Folks to make the case for them. After all smearing people on the Internet at the behest of another party is how Folks makes a living.  Frankly there are probably quite a few flashers in that area so we’ll never really know if Parker is responsible for every reported incident.

But Parker has yet to declare his innocence so I expect him to plead out. You can expect a long, winded rambling post about Folks taking down the upstate flasher – after a torrid affair – to appear on Fitsnews in the next few days.


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