Staten Island Police and Firefighters Fight 50+ Strong Mob Looking to Murder Teen

This is why I left NY. A mob of 50 “teens” (though in pictures and videos many looked to be adults) showed up to a house looking for a teenage girl that was being kept home from school by her mother because of constant bullying. The teen victim, who has a heart condition, said the group had guns and knives with them. Two police officers arrived and when one attempted an arrest they were overwhelmed and beaten by the crowd:

“It was chaos,” said one neighbor, who lives across the street but declined to give his name, stating that he feared retaliation. “The yelling got louder and louder and louder… There was probably 50 to 55 kids out here, and they were challenging one girl.”

The group was threatening the girl, yelling at her to come out and fight, witnesses told the Advance. That sparked calls to 911, and two officers, one male, the other female, arrived at the scene.

The male officer attempted to arrest a member of the crowd, and the teens turned on him, knocking him to the ground.

“The kids were on top of the cop while the cop was arresting the first person,” the neighbor said.

When his female partner tried to intervene, witnesses said, she was knocked down as well. As she was being attacked, she shouted for assistance on her police radio.

“Both police officers were on the ground,” said another neighbor, who also requested anonymity. “The kids were attacking them.”

The scene happened just a few houses down from the FDNY’s Mariners Harbor-based Engine Co. 158. The truck got to the street within moments, witnesses said, and blasted the teens with the engine’s cannon-shaped deluge gun to disperse the crowd, according to witnesses. A large police presence, including an NYPD helicopter, soon followed, chasing the teens down to make several arrests.

Denesopolis praised the quick response of the firefighters, saying that he thanked the firehouse brass personally.

“They were very helpful,” he said. “They were the closest emergency unit on the scene.”

By “very helpful” they mean those cops and that girl would be dead if the fire fighters weren’t there.

You’ll notice that the neighbors wouldn’t help the girl or the cops and even then “fear retaliation” by the mob. It’s not because they’re cowards – NYC has draconian gun laws, knife laws and self-defense laws that make it impossible for a person to viably challenge multiple young attackers. That’s why I moved. Here in South Carolina if a mob was trying to murder my neighbor and I got involved I probably wouldn’t end up in jail. In Staten Island you could.

So everyone out there is prepared for ths kind of civil unrest coming here, right? Here’s video of the aftermath:


3 Responses to “Staten Island Police and Firefighters Fight 50+ Strong Mob Looking to Murder Teen”

  1. mah29001 on December 8th, 2011 12:28 am

    This outright disgusts me….I don’t condone violence….but when it’s against thugs…that should be a consideration.

  2. Abraham Iker on December 8th, 2011 11:52 am

    Awesome, glad to see the firefighters jumping in to protect the girl and the police. I wonder if they will get sued for spraying the thugs with water.

  3. Rob Taylor on December 8th, 2011 1:57 pm

    It’s getting rough in NYC. I hope my NY friends are staying safe.

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