Support Mauldin’s Bar Hour Limit!

The city council is proposing a law that would make bars shut down at 2:00am – which isn’t a big deal since bars must stop serving alcohol at 2:00 anyway. But Hailee’s Sports Bar stays open to 5:00am for some reason. Which is odd since a bar would literally be losing money for three hours a day doing so. It’s almost like something else goes on in there for the last three hours that is profitable for the owners.

Like their taking a cut of something illegal maybe?

Anyway for those of you who don’t know Hailee’s was the scene of a early morning shooting which is said to be a drug deal gone bad. Now the owner is upset that Mauldin wants to nip this nonsense in the bud:

The owner of Hailee’s Sports Bar and Grill on Woodruff Road says his bar stays open to 5 AM. And by state law he can continue to sale beer and wine after two AM. The owner believes city leaders are targeting him because of recent shootings in his parking lot. The change in the ordinance would impact his business. The city’s six other bars would not be affected by the ordinance because they close at two AM. The ordinance first reading is scheduled for Monday.

Poor baby. He just wants to stay open and not sell alcohol but pay a staff to work there including security. Out of the goodness of his heart. If I wasn’t so busy I’d show up at that reading and tell the council I support it. But Monday’s are tight for me – I’ll be busy not selling drugs in a bar I own.


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