Surprise! 15-Year-Old Simpsonville Runaway Harbored by Occupy Asheville Hippies

What’s this? Dirty, drug addled hippies harboring runaways with mental impairments? Say it ‘ain’t so!

ASHEVILLE — Police on Tuesday located a South Carolina teenager reported missing from his home on Thanksgiving.

Officers received a tip the youth was seen walking past the police station and located the teen. The 15-year-old initially gave a false name, but eventually admitted that he was the missing teen from Simpsonville, S.C., police said.

An aunt and uncle from Charlotte had arrived here Tuesday to hand out fliers. The teen liked art and had sympathy for the homeless, so they thought he might have come here, according to police.

A security officer at City Hall had received one of the fliers and saw the teen loitering near the Occupy Asheville protesters. He immediately called police and the teen’s relatives, which led to his recovery.

The teen was wearing a 99 Percent T-shirt and appeared in good shape, healthy and warm, police said. He returned to South Carolina with his aunt and uncle.

According to reports the boy is autistic:

City police say the boy was found Tuesday with protesters at the local Occupy encampment.

Asheville police say the teen has Asperger’s Syndrome, and that his family had been looking for him since Thanksgiving. Because he likes art and is sympathetic toward homeless people, some of his relatives traveled to Asheville to hand out flyers with his picture on it.

Notice that in these reports the so-called 99% did nothing to help a 15-year-old autistic boy whose face was on fliers they obviously saw. They just kept getting high and forming drum circles while this vulnerable minor was no doubt taken advantage of.

Hmmm. Why would adults want 15-year-old runaways who lack social skills around? I wonder…



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