Surprise! Lead FBI Investigator Isn’t Sure if Hutaree Militia Committed Any Crimes

In an effort to support a media constructed narrative of violent “tea baggers” and Christians being as likely to commit acts of terror as The Religion of Peace the FBI seems to have jumped the gun a little. According to the Toledo Blade, lead investigator Leslie Larsen admitted to having no idea if the Hutaree actually committed any crimes or possessed any illegal weapons even though the judge hearing one of the defendant’s appeals told the government to be ready to present their case a month ago:

DETROIT – An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn’t recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers.

Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

“I share the frustrations of the defense team … that she doesn’t know anything,” U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said after agent Leslie Larsen confessed she hadn’t reviewed her notes recently and couldn’t remember specific details of the case.

Judge Roberts is hearing an appeal of another judge’s order that has kept members of so-called Hutaree militia in jail since their arrest in late March.

The prosecutors actually argued that the nine defendants had no legal right call Larsen to the stand, but the judge disagreed and hilarity ensued:

The nine lawyers asked specific questions about each defendant. Ms. Larsen said she had not listened entirely to certain recordings made by an undercover agent who infiltrated the group.

She said that because they were still being examined, she didn’t know if weapons seized by investigators last month were illegal.

At other times, Ms. Larsen couldn’t answer questions because she said she hadn’t reviewed investigative reports.

Defense lawyer William Swor asked if the No. 1 defendant, Hutaree leader David Stone, had ever instructed anyone to make a bomb.

“I can’t fully answer that question,” the agent replied.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Tukel defended Ms. Larsen, telling the judge it wasn’t clear until Monday that she would testify.

Judge Roberts, however, said she told the government to be prepared last week.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Waterstreet played an audiotape of what he said were several militia members talking freely about killing police.

The participants talked over each other, often laughed and made goofy noises and disparaging remarks about law enforcement.

Sounds like a solid case. The lesson here is this: don’t be a douchebag and make jokes about fighting “the New World Order” to your new Internet friend when the government needs to prove a point about violence from New World Order believers. Even if these guys get off they are going to be bankrupt. Even a bad case that the state can’t win usually ruins the lives of the people who get caught up in it.


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