Surprise! Loser Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murdering Woman

As soon as this turd ran to the media telling everyone he loved his ex (who was currently dating another man who was also murdered) too much to kill her, and that he failed a polygraph test because he was just heartbroken over the tragedy I knew he was getting pinched. If Cass Smith is innocent he sure did a great job framing himself. but frankly, I don’t buy his story of innocence.

And by “story of innocence” I mean what is essentially Smith video taping the prosecutor’s case for him and letting WSPA put it on the air:


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  1. Cass Smith Confesses to Cherokee Co. Killings, Faces Death Penalty : Greenville Dragnet on April 20th, 2010 9:18 pm

    [...] riddance to bad rubbish if you ask me. A fitting end to a case where there was in essence no doubt who was guilty and I hope Smith dies slowly after a botched [...]

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